Departure and arrival

Boarding takes place on Friday 4.00 p.m. and the ship must be returned the following Friday at 10.00 a.m. Other times of departure and arrival are possible after consultation. If you return too late an extra € 100,- per hour will be charged.


You may book the ship of your choice per E-mail:
We wil send a contract of hire in duplicate, one of which should be returned.

Reservations are confirmed when half of the rent has been paid within 10 days and at the same time the contract should be returned signed and unchanged. The remaining half of the rent should be paid 3 weeks before departure. The deposit has to be paid before departure.

Insurance and deposit

All our ships are all-risk insured with own-risk amounting up to € 500,-. When you deliver the ship clean, without accident and complete inventory, the deposit will be returned. If the ship is malhandled we are entitled to retrieve the ship without returning the deposit.


All the yachts leave the harbour with a full fuel tank, water and gas canister. You are expected to return the yacht with a full fuel tank and cleaned as you received it.) You may leave the cleaning to us. This will cost you € 50, -- (let us know in advance please.)

Where to go

Dutch waters with the exception of main rivers, the Ysselmeer and Waddenzee. If you are an experienced yachtsman or woman you may sail on the Ysselmeer when weather conditions are good. However permission should be obtained beforehand.

A licence is not necessary

You need not have a sailing licence for our yachts. However the captain should be of age and have some experience. There will always be technical instructions before departure.

No experience, no problem

If you have no or little experience sailing a yacht, there is always the possibility of hiring an instructor for the first day(s). In a short time you will feel confident.

What to take with me?

Our ships are fully furnished for the number of people indicated, as you will be able to see from the inventory list. A number of things you will have to bring yourself like sleeping bags, blankets, sheets, towels and tea towels. It is possible to hire bedding, please let us know when you book.

Additional costs

Diesel oil, bridge and harbour dues.


Bringing your pet will be € 35,- per pet per week extra.

Facilities supplied by the company

Receptions, safe car park, shower and toilets.


In case of trouble of an emergency with the boat.Phone us and we will try quickly as possible to repair the defect.